2020 – A Vision?


I can’t see quite clearly now – yet, but with Brexit underway we must work towards making sure the future is bright.

Doom makers will say it’s a step backwards but that is not going to help. We all HAVE to look forwards and make sure we succeed – better than before.

The politics of the last few months have been polarised and extremely unhelpful. On the one side we have people who want to make things good for the future and on the other we have those looking back to what was.  This looking back includes, for example, dreams of how wonderful coal mining was.  Brave people doing an horrific job but being treated as ‘The Working Class’. Is this what we really want – them and us? Toffs and Workers? Happily this Marxist approach following the election result has been put to bed – for a while at least.

Surely we don’t want people going down mines risking their lives just to maintain a community – great though these communities were. We don’t want to go back to unions ruling the roost and encouraging strikes and playing cards in the night shift.

What we want is people to be involved in their work, their company or organisation. People to be valued. People to be successful. Communities happen without politics.

BMW, Nissan and Jaguar LandRover have all managed to respect their workforce and their productivity bears no relation to the old days at British Leyland.

It seems to me that in the deprived areas where industry has been removed there should be opportunity.  Lots of skilled, hard working, genuine people are being told, or perhaps it’s the habit, to collect their dole and wait for someone (typically The Government) to bring industry back. Like magic.

The UK does not need magic it needs a bit of innovation and risk.  There must be a group of people in every deprived community who have talents that can be centred and lead to successful enterprises.

Many Pinpointers are doing great work in Government, the NHS and the care community.  For example, Cat Duncan-Reece and others in Stockport and the North West have made great advances in bringing the various care support teams together to work together – planned, effective and constantly looking for improvement. The Participation People (Dorchester) and Your Own Place (Norwich) working with the young giving a whole range of mentoring and support.

It’s processes like Pinpoint that can and do get people up and running, working together with a clear aim. So if any of you trainers, facilitators or consultants want to  have a crack at getting some of these deprived communities up and running, get in touch and we can work out the best approaches. We don’t need any magic from any political party. We need people to have the opportunity to better their own lives and the lives of those around them.