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Welcome to Pinpoint Facilitation

Meeting Facilitation & Training

Executives can spend too much time in meetings that turn out to be little better than a waste of time. CEOs can get frustrated as decisions are postponed and progress towards achieving their goals stalls. The solution could be to run them differently. We make meetings of all kinds quicker and more effective by doing things differently. We can help all the stakeholders, with their individual attributes and personalities, contribute to meetings freely by enabling them to work in their preferred style, saving time and getting results by using our system.

The Pinpoint Facilitation Technique works for small meetings, large interventions, conferences, away days, and all types of training. It helps with problem solving, continuous improvement and strategic planning. When we ask our customers, “Why do you like Pinpoint?” they reply, “Because it works!” So come and learn all about how Pinpoint can work for you. Select one of our services below to find out more about our Training Academy, hire training kit for your next meeting or visit our Shop to purchase facilitation kit.

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Pinpoint Facilitation Working with Neuland

We are proud to be associated with Neuland as the UK seller for all their products.  We hold limited stocks for emergencies and small orders.  Other orders we arrange to come direct from the factory – mostly in 3 – 5 days but large items come by freight in 5 – 10 days.


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Shop for specialist Facilitation equipment including Neuland Pens & Refills, Graphic Walls and Pinboards.