Are you on Holiday?

a beach and sun loungers

Here’s something to contemplate, rather than your navel…

In life there are 2 types of windbags. Those on the beach measuring wind speed, and those full of hot air in meetings.

1. Think: of a previous (successful) business meeting.

2. Did it: reach its objective in record time?

3. Was it: fun?

4. Could: quiet reflectors reflect, quietly?

5. Had: space for moving around been provided?

6. Were: you free to say exactly what you felt?

7. And: did every person feel fully involved?

8. Also: was an expert facilitator maintaining balance whilst ensuring progress?

9. Would: you describe 100% ownership of decisions made?

10. Ultimately: was everyone keen to seal the deal?

If you’ve answered no to any of the above – your meeting WASN’T SUCCESSFUL.

Do it differently. Do it with Pinpoint.