Coronavirus – you decide!

The only person who knows what is best for your team in the coronavirus outbreak is you!

That means using the information issued by the Ministry of Health to plan your own response. A free for all of ideas and possible panic is not to be encouraged. You need crystal clear thoughts about what to do in all the circumstances that may arise.

Pinpoint it! Here’s a brief skeleton track you can use to plan your own brilliant meeting; it’s quite simplistic but hopefully a help – make the changes that suit your team. Needless to say use your facilitation skills before you are affected!


Potentially, how serious is the threat to our company?
Continuum – Minimal…………………………..Total wipe out

Multiple Card call:

What are the risks that could cause issues?
Sectors – Supply. Production. Office. Customers/sales

Prioritise each sector

Sub groups:

How can we reduce the impact? Is it practical? Recommendation.


Action plan:

Part 1:Whole company:

Action on symptoms. Action to make up for absent people. Action on return.

Part 2:
Sector: Immediate tasks. By who? By when? Monitor. Who? Communicate by
who ?

Do it differently. Do it with Pinpoint!

If all the above seems like double Dutch go to: