Flip(ping) Charts

Man standing in front of a flip chart

Often a bonus, regularly a bother.
What do most training sessions, practical workshops and business gatherings have in common? They all include the man handling of a flip chart.

Sometimes flip charts are really well used – but rarely when recording ideas and comments. They can, however, be superb tools to use when pre-prepared. Some examples would be: for showing instructions, picturing agendas or working through a displayed graphic track. These can be neat, colourful and clear. But there’s always two sides to a story…

→ The person holding the pen has a perceived ‘power’, writing
→ spider scrawls you can’t read, and
→ exhausting 1 measly colour.
→ Filled pages get turned over (and forgotten), whilst
→ distorted diagrams exhibit wonky lines and jumbled intelligence.
→ The writer is the only ‘worker’. The rest sit or stand and chip in.

What to do?
You can master this craft with facilitation training. The bad news is that there are only a few people who can truly teach the technique. Even after training, many still don’t get it. Post-it notes are often abused. Small, illegible, countless colours and haphazardly placed. Outcome is fried brains. Adopting a precise process combined with custom made cards are a proven tried and tested highly effective method.

Check out these examples of good and normal:

Do it differently – do it with Pinpoint!