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Hire Kit

Hire an extensive array of meeting tools from Pinpoint

It’s not only Pinpoint that requires specific equipment. Whatever your event requires, we can hire and ensure delivery of key equipment – Pinboards, Flip Charts, Graphic Boards, Kit cases as well as supply Cards, Pens and  Paper. Please note we do not hire any electronic equipment.

Let us know what you want and for how long, where the event is to be held and we will deliver at least a day before and collect a day afterwards.

Submit your Hire Request by calling us on 01300 345611 or click the button below for further contact details.

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With Pinpoint Facilitation Hire, you only pay for the time you use it! Hire Pinpoint Facilitation and Graphic Facilitation equipment & support whenever you need something extra for special events (e.g. Conferences, Away days, etc.).

Uniquely cost-effective, because we charge you only for the time you use the equipment!. Anywhere in the UK (given 72 hours’ notice), we can arrange for everything to be delivered the working day before and collected the working day after. Outside UK Mainland & Northern Ireland, we might need longer notice.

Please let us know what you need, where and when. We’ll do the rest:-

Complete your Hire Requirement Form, ring 01300 345 611 or email hire@pinpoint-facilitation.com

Professional Facilitator(s) can also support you with:-

  • Pre-event Technique Training for you and your team
  • Facilitating with you during the event

Hire Pricing

Please click here to download our latest Hire Pricing along with further details of our Hire service. To place your hire order please call us on 01300 345611 or click here for more contact details.

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Packing: Please ensure the goods are packed securely for return.  Remember couriers are not the most careful people when moving packages!

Care of boards: Please do not spray glue onto paper when affixed to the board. A cleaning charge of £50 will apply per board.  Damage from sticky tape or big pins will be charged at £95 to replace the softboard. Please use Neuland pins (they are the ideal size)  or masking tape.

Kit Cases: Please remove the packing carefully and reuse for return.

Graphics Facilitation hire: The basic unit is 2 panels and one tripod giving a working area of W 148.4 x H 118,5 cm. You can order as many units as you need . They can all be joined together if required.  You will need to order a roll of paper 25m x 1.12m (approx.)

Buying Facilitation paper, Standard Beige or White

Please note that the quantity you buy is in sheets @ 70p/sheet

Shop For Kit

Shop for specialist Facilitation equipment including Neuland Pens & Refills, Graphic Walls and Pinboards.