How to Achieve Your 2018 Goals

SMART goals

Ensure your goals are specific – vague goals tend to be forgotten and it can be unclear what you are actually aiming to achieve.

Once you have confirmed your goals, make sure they are measurable; this will allow you to keep track of your progression and motivate you further.

Attainable goals are very important – what’s the use of setting goals if they are unattainable or unrealistic? Try setting one goal at a time and as you progress, add more to your list.

Relevant goals are also important. Set a goal or target that will leave you feeling on top of the world when you achieve it, no matter how big or small.

Finally, ensure your goal or target is achievable in the time frame you set yourself. Of course, set yourself a challenge but also it must be realistic.

Practical and relevant goals

Healthy Eating – It is evident that providing healthy snacks increases productivity and improves team morale in a working environment. To ensure you and your team get the best out of your working day, make sure you are eating the right snacks and wholesome meals each day. In your next team meeting, perhaps try swapping the biscuits and doughnuts for delicious fruits and crudités.

Team building – Plan a fun day with your team or work friends to give everybody something to look forward to. Organise a book sale, activity day or pay day evening out every so often. Keeping engaged with your team will encourage positivity, create stronger bonds and hopefully reduce negativity in the office.

Be Positive – Be that person that motivates everybody on a dreary Monday morning. Help spread positivity and encourage others to do the same. Trust us – it will make a difference to everyone’s day.

Bring Change – Switch up the look of your office every now and then. Add a few plants or change the colour scheme. You could also add some new artwork or quotes to walls to keep everyone motivated. Tired decor will produce tired employees and this is not something you want in your working environment!

By adhering to and implementing these rules regarding personal and team goals and resolutions, you and your team will be well on the way to a inspiring and successful 2018. Happy New Year!