How to Create an Office That Stimulates Productivity

open plan office

Pinpoint’s Top Tips 

It’s inevitable that you and your employees will spend a lot of time in the office, sat at the same desk, sometimes for eight or nine hours at a time.

For productivity to thrive, employees need an environment that enhances wellbeing, creativity and ergonomics. Think of it as a chain reaction – unappealing office, unhappy staff, declining business…  It’s really important to create a space that encourages people to come to work.

So, where should you start? What is the most fundamental element of a flourishing office? Where does your office score on a scale of one to ten? Let Pinpoint help turn your office into a space worthy of envy.

1.    Let the light in

We cannot emphasis this enough. It’s a must. Even if you only have a couple of small windows, ensure that there is nothing obstructing the light from brightening your office.

A natural lightening renovation is something to seriously consider, as a recent study suggests that there is a strong correlation between natural light in the workplace and the quality sleep and productivity of employees. So although getting the builders in may seem slightly extreme, the benefits you reap as a business are endless.

2.    Keep it fresh

Tired, worn-out walls generate tired, worn-out employees – something we all want to avoid. If there are stains on the carpet from twelve years ago – it’s clearly time to get a new one. If your walls need a lick of paint, don’t put it off any longer. Don’t be shy either; add some colour. Stimulate your employees’ eyes.

You could even add some art to the walls. You don’t want it to feel like exactly like home but you need your employees to enjoy the environment and surroundings.

3.    Chill out space

Ensure your office has a space for lunchtime relaxation. Employees will feel far more refreshed and determined after having a break away from their desks.

Even if you don’t have the space to designate a separate room for relaxation, a few beanbags and chairs at the far end of your office will do the trick. It will encourage your staff to socialise and interact with one another, even people who wouldn’t have normally crossed paths. Ultimately, you will have more focused employees and it will create a stronger team bond.

4.    It all about ergonomics

When employees are sitting at their desks for up to eight hours a day; they should be the most ergonomic desks available in your budget. Listen to your employees’ complaints – if they have a bad back or sore shoulder due to the working environment, ask what you can do to make them more comfortable.

Some employees will prefer to stand whilst working and a relatively new trend is adjustable desks. Even if budgets are low, you could introduce hot-desking for those who prefer to use the standing desks on a week-by-week basis.

Always attempt to find solutions to your employees’ problems because their comfort will be reflected in their productivity.

5.    Plant power

Past studies have shown that an office devoid of visual stimulation is “the most toxic space” you can put a human into.  Moreover, a paper published in 2014 suggested that workers are more productive in workspaces that include household plants.

Plants are believed to decrease stress whilst at the same time increasing productivity – need we say more? Okay then, we will! Another study found that plants help to decrease illnesses and health problems amongst workers too, including persistent fatigue, headaches and coughs.

6.    Seating plan success

Try not to isolate anyone, unless they specifically request a quieter space. You want to create an environment that enables easy communication, but also gives employees their own personal space. Good communication and engagement will help to develop a strong team rapport.

With regards to desks, allow people to personalise their space.  Of course we don’t mean damaging company property, however if they want to put ornaments or frames on their desks – let them. After all, you want your employees to feel content and enjoy spending time in the office.

Hopefully your office already ticks at least a couple of these boxes… But if it doesn’t – don’t panic! Even small changes can equate to huge productivity and wellbeing improvements.

Remember – positive change generates positive results and helps to stimulate our minds to think outside of the box.