If you think you can’t draw, don’t!

If you think you can’t draw, don’t!
Instead copy some simple images. Honestly, everybody can do it!

Marin Housemann has produced a series of books full of simple images that EVERYBODY can copy. All you need is paper and the right pens. Pens that are designed to draw amazing images.

Done it? Ok next step is simple:

Click here to view our complete drawing package on our online shop. The package you will see contains:

  • The book of images to copy – Bikablo® 1.
  • Plus: 1 x Neuland No.One® Outliner pen – wedge nib. These black ink pens allow you to make the outline and then fill in with colour. The black will not run. Smart, eh?
  • 6 x Neuland No.One® wedge nib pens (water based – no smell) in Red, Light Blue, Green, Strong Yellow, Pink, Grey.
  • Save £4.95 for a limited time!

Now, armed with your new colour pens you can add in the colour!

If you like this book, try Bikablo® 2 and Bikablo® Emotions. If you would like to become even better at graphics, we have a list of brilliant graphic trainers and recorders right across the U.K. Call us for the contact details of your nearest one.