I’m grumpy. Really grumpy.

Grumpy Gorilla

I’m writing this for those who do not know about Pinpoint Facilitation.

Just spent time looking online at all the Tips and Techniques on how to run effective
meetings. They are given by people who say they know all the answers. The answers are those that have been broadcast for years and years and are all about
the meeting leader. The leader that has everything planned and buttoned up before the meeting starts. Strict time limits with a detailed agenda that THEY KNOW is the right way to go. The meeting looks right for them!

Well I’m sorry experts – it’s not about the meeting leader. It’s about the group. You can have the most perfectly detailed agenda and feel proud about it but if you are dealing with normal people, they will be different in personality, ability in various areas, styles of working and learning, approach and output. One size does not fit all. It never has.

Further most of the photographs show the leader filling in a flip chart. The leader doing all the work (they designed it all and they are implementing their plan) with the group sitting around a table being done to. Some show a wall covered in Post-its combined with lines, scribble and most of it illegible.

How much money has been spent in the last 5 years training people to run meetings? Why do they still go wrong and why do people thrash out the same old training year after year? We must step up and do it differently!

Happy to have a chat.