Just Post-its stuck on a wall – really?

The path to get the required end point is structured, planned and exact. Within that path there is amazing flexibility – so the group can: Make the decisions Agree the next steps and Come to a Final Conclusion that has total buy-in by each and every group member.

That does not happen by getting a few ideas written up, posted and sorted. Brilliant meetings are so much more. Specific steps are taken to carry out several critical requirements that include: Ensuring the whole process will appeal to all styles of working and learning from before the start to the end – see Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence.

Balancing the verbose with the quieter type but ensuring engagement by both. Maintaining focus on the Pinboards rather than individuals helps to remove any negative emotions or conflict. Pinboards ensure more engagement. Splitting groups when necessary and avoiding a mass of people herded to a wall.

This avoids the rest of the room being empty and useless. In that ‘herd’, the only people to feel happy are the activists. The reflectors stay back letting them get on with it. (Honey&Mumford)

To maintain true engagement the cards handed in must be properly facilitated – ensuring every voice is heard and valued and nobody feels exposed or under the spotlight. Pre-planned templates allow sub groups to work out solutions or recommendations. No involvement from the facilitator (other than a wary eye).

These groups happen all in the same room (see our blog on this here) Results are truly owned and balanced by the template. Any voting must be carefully managed to avoid influencing by the quick decision makers, senior people and the dogmatic.

Final decisions and action plans must be developed by the group – part of the natural flow. Avoid the facilitator dragging opinions from the group. Classically it’s writing them on a flip chart while the group sit and watch. An effective session is very different. Do it differently! Do it with Pinpoint!