Know your onions!


All organizations have issues within them that need sorting out – teamwork, marketing, internet development, finances, communication, customer service and so on. Common to almost every organization is the time wasted in meetings that do not achieve what they should. How much money has been spent training people to run meetings effectively? Why has this training not worked well enough often enough?

The simple answer has to be that either the training is at fault or it’s an issue that can’t be resolved.

Some of the advice given:

  • Give a group a list of rules as a meeting starts and we all know that just does not work!
  • Have a strong chairperson… and we all know that this kindergarten approach can stifle free thought.
  • Only have stand up meetings… and we all know that is not always possible

The list goes on and on and we all know nothing changes.

At Pinpoint we are convinced that the meeting has to be approached from the attendees style, personality or innate character. Just like these onions differ in colour, size, shape, name and taste. People vary – diversity is a constant. Some people like words and talking, some like detail while others can only see the wide picture, some like to work on their own (reflect, think consider before saying anything), some will speak regardless (knowing they are right), some like to get up and move, some have to work with others as a team, some hate to speak out and hide their true feelings. One box does not fit all – and that’s where meeting training tends to go wrong!

Pinpoint Facilitation Technique approaches in a multi directional process – we do things that appeal and encourage every body’s style, personality or character. We do it differently – and it works!

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