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Meetings that work get things done!
Written on 17/04/2023

Less sit and discuss More get up and do! means More ownership and commitment in less time!

Keith Warren-Price – Facilitator, Author of The Concise Facilitator, Queen’s Award, IAF.

Works with:

Cabinet Office, Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Roche, Rolls Royce, Toyota, Your Own Place, Participation People, NGOs, Independents

We use Keith’s Pinpoint Process all of the time.

Alistair Punt. Stash UK Ltd. Pinpoint is engaging, productive
and enjoyable wherever used (I’ve used it worldwide for over 20yrs) to discuss issues, agree on actions and to get buy-in. In my opinion, it’s unbeatable!
Shirley Gaston. Award-winning facilitator, speaker, experiential learning expert, leadership developer.
George Oakham. An experienced Executive Coach, Mentor, Multicultural Facilitator and Facilitation Skills Developer who has worked with many Blue Chip organisations in UK, Mainland Europe, the US, Brazil, Australia, Russia and China.

How can I learn Pinpoint?

Maximise team effectiveness – save time, stop waffle, stop repetition, achieve outcomes
Learn how to make team decision making, meetings and conferences really work. Save up to 50% of time. Don’t sit, instead do. Be different! Replace restricting people with the classic ‘meeting rules’ with action. Give your teams the skills to get things done to improve progress and profits Meetings that get results!

Street Cred:

The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit. When Tony Blair was PM he wanted the Civil Service to adjust their activities to drive through his strategy. PinPoint was one of the main vehicles to do this.

NB We have no political alignment to any party – we are facilitators!

The Audit Commission. Driving efficiency in local government – all the continuous improvement activities including Best Value and Capability Review.

Angela Koch. Independent. “Excellence from start to finish. The training and tools supplied by Pinpoint will change your practice for ever. Enjoy every minute!”

Gary Austin. Circleindigo. As a Facilitator of the Pinpoint process, accelerated learning techniques and other facilitation ’stuff’, Keith is up there at the top!


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