Plan Your Marketing Strategy Using Pinpoint Meeting Facilitation

pinpoint facilitation training

What would you like out of your marketing – a greater online profile, more sales, new customers, retention of current customers or maybe even a new product launch or event? Once you’ve done this, make your team fully aware of what you’re trying to work towards

2. Pool everyone’s ideas and suggestions

The first thing to do is to get everyone’s ideas down on paper, encourage your team to write anything down that comes into their heads, no matter how impractical it may seem. You could leave the Pinpoint board up in the office for a couple of weeks, as it’s often at the most obscure and unpredictable times that genius ideas come to fruition.

3. Now it’s time to organise and prioritise

In a group session, go through each and every idea and put them into some form of prioritisation, starting with the ones that you think will have the most effective and relevant results – remember to keep in mind your marketing targets and goals.

4. Logistics, materials and the finer details

This bit is where you really need everyone engaged, each idea needs to be spoken about and out of the discussion needs to come the logistics of implementing said idea. This might mean you need some marketing material; leaflets, banners, graphics and so on – write down exactly how it would be implemented or carried out.

It’s at this point that you may come to a unanimous decision that the idea is just not feasible but ensure that every idea is discussed. It’s also important to identify the target of each suggestion so you can then measure it’s performance and results.

5. Time frames, staff members and implementation

Now you’ve got some form of marketing strategy it’s now time to assign jobs and deadlines. Marketing can be really good fun so encourage the whole team to be apart of it. If possible, keep your Pinpoint board up and visible in the office to remind everyone of the discussions.

6. Measure Results

Another reason to try and keep your Pinpoint board up – leave a column for results. This will help you to decide which practises to continue moving forward.

Of course, marketing is an on-going process that needs to be constantly monitored and modified but carrying out a Pinpoint session will really help to consolidate ideas and encourage them to come to fruition. It’s also a great way of getting everyone to come up with creative ideas and suggestions.