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Neuland BigOne®

The eco-friendly Neuland BigOne® is available in various vibrant colors and can be refilled with our water-based inks. The extra wide wedge nib creates a bold line width between 6 and 12 mm to help you write legibly, and the finger grooves automatically ensure continuity in your writing. Our BigOne is not just a good choice for texts but for coloring in large areas as well.

And if you run out of ink, you can refill your marker through the membrane on the bottom in a clean and easy way – for a healthy environment. The color is indicated by the ring behind the cap, the finger grooves and the membrane, and you’ll find the exact color code next to the icons on the housing. This way, you’ll always know which ink is suitable for your Neuland BigOne®.

By the way: One refill bottle of 45 ml fills your Neuland BigOne® up to 11 times.

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