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8267.5900 STABILO® MARKdry – Set: of 4 colours

A set of wooden-framed markers in four different colors, equipped with a newly developed dry lead specifically designed for whiteboards and flipchart paper. Each set includes a cleaning cloth and a special sharpener.

Original price was: £12.90.Current price is: £11.50.


Designed as an alternative to wet markers. The STABILO® MARKdry is a versatile durable writing instrument that works on most smooth non-porous surfaces which can be easily dry or wet wiped. It will never dry out thanks to the lead core and delivers consistent results right up until the last centimeter from its XXL lead. Set of four colours includes: black, blue, green, and red. Each set contains a cleaning cloth and custom sharpener.

Technical Details:
• Wood-cased marker with a dry lead for whiteboards and flipcharts
• Available in 4 colors: black, red, green, blue
• Made from 100% PEFC-certified wood
• Extremely durable and does not dry out
• Economical to use and ensures steady colour consistency to the very last stroke
• Does not bleed or soak through paper
• Can be wiped off dry and wet
• Robust XXL lead ideal for schools and children
• Solvent-free, odorless