B-Vario® FlipChart Ergo: silver

A height-adjustable flipchart featuring a magnetic whiteboard surface and a U-shaped base for more standing space!


Introducing our B-Vario® FlipChart Ergo! You never have to bend down to write on the bottom half, with a simple lever just lift up the board and now your group can see the top better and you can easily continue working on the bottom. 
The magnetic whiteboard gives you more surface options and the U-shaped base allows you to comfortably position yourself at the front.  When it's time to put it away you can "stack" them together saving you storage space. 
The B-Vario® also features an integrated marker tray, adjustable paper brackets, and a handy tear-off bar to neatly remove your paper. The 4 stable caster wheels with the front 2 being lockable; affords you greater flexibility and ease of movement over any floor surface.
We are especially proud of our one of the kind height-adjustable system. Just simply adjust the high of the lightest part of the FlipChart only, namely the paper holder with its content-the paper. Quite differently than you used to do with other FlipCharts when you moved the whole board. A real inestimably ergonomical advantage!
The magnetic Whiteboard expand the field of B-Vario ®   application and make it “ready for ringos ® ", which means that you may now easy and handy for you park the markers with ringos on the paper.
Technical details: Frame leg, and base made from steel, aluminum marker tray, powder-coated in S004 silver Board surface made from lacquered steel, height-adjustable board surface
Total size: W 82,5 x H 193-225 x D 55 cm / W 32.5 x H 76-88.5 x D 21.5 inches Working surface: W 68,5 x D 98 cm / W 27 x H 38.6 inches  Weight: approx. 17 kg / 37.5 lbs

Additional information

Weight20.000 kg