BulletJournal Kit

Organize your daily life with the right mix of freedom and structure: Bullet Journaling is the perfect method to joyfully focus on the things that matter.


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Bullet Journaling combines two habits – keeping a diary and a calendar – to create one completely new method. Everyone can decide how to design his Bullet Journal and which elements they want to use. By writing and creating something with your hand, you incorporate your whole body and clear your mind as your thoughts are being put to paper. This leads to peace of mind, clarity and contentment.

Our Neuland BulletJournal Kit offers everything you need for a quick start: a BulletProof notebook with convenient dotted lines, a fineliner with pigment ink for writing and sketching, a FineOne with a brush nib for shadows and highlighting, and a pencil to sketch out. Pimp your Bullet Journal with figuratively punched stickers in different shapes and sizes to mark special events or appointments as highlights.

With the BulletJournal Kit you can immediately jump off. Just take your pencil, markers and the handy stickers to start your creative Bullet Journal journey on the first page of your book. And if you hold BuJo workshops, this kit is the perfect initial equipment for your participants.

Scope of delivery:
BulletProof notebook
Neuland FineOne® Art, brush nib 0.5-5 mm, 303 pastel blue
Neuland FineOne® Sketch, 0.3 mm black
Pencil with eraser tip
BulletProof stickers
Neuland FineOne® Outliner, round nib 1mm