LW-X Paper Winder Set

Use the Paper Roll LW-X with this Paper Winder for the GraphicWall LW-X.


The continuous paper store for your GraphicWall. Thanks to the Paper Winder LW-X you are much more flexible in terms of calculating your paper requirements. Just unwrap the paper if you need more. The used paper will move to the opposite roll – almost like a built-in paper memory. Of course, you can also rewind it at any time.
The complete set consists of one paper winder on the left and right side. The cranks are arranged parallel to the board, which makes it much more comfortable.
Also ideal for retrofitting the LW-X complete systems.
Tip: The LW-X TripodBag is suitable for transporting the paper winder.
Technical details   Aluminum / steel construction, powder-coated in RAL S004 silver, 1 set for right and left (replaces the end strips) Dimensions: W 17 x H 137 x D 10 cm / W 6.7 x H 53.9 x D 3.9 inches Weight (including cardboard tube): approx. 7 kg / 16 lbs

Additional information

Weight9.000 kg