Neuland BigOne® Outliner, wedge nib 6-12 mm, 5/set U5

BigOne set consisting of 5 Outliner packed into the BigOne RefillBox.


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The Neuland BigOne® Outliner gives you the freedom of creating designs without the worry of smearing with other colours.

This set is delivered in a convenient refill box. This way, the markers can be both stored and refilled in its original packaging.

Of course, the BigOne is also available in strong colours and as empty markers.

Important: Please make sure to thoroughly rinse the pipette with clear water after refilling your outliners. The needle and ball should then be free from ink.

Technical details:
Colour: 010 Outliner (black)
Material: PP/PE
Odorless and water-based ink, easy and ecofriendly refillable
wedge nib, line width 6-12 mm