Neuland FineOne®, 5/colour sets

The elegant Neuland FineOne® is available in suitably put together sets. Practical: the box also serves as RefillBox.


Make everyday a fine one!

The puristic and dynamic design of the new Neuland FineOne® looks similar to the tools of former calligraphy masters and is, therefore, a timeless icon. A true design classic.

Besides the ergonomic handling and the clear shape, the Neuland FineOne® focuses on sustainability. Thanks to our proven system, the marker can be refilled through a membrane at the colored end of it, and the nib can be replaced as well. This allrounder guarantees high durability and lots of fun while using the marker.

Available sets of 5 Neuland FineOne®:

Set No. 1:
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.5 mm in the colors red, blue, green and 2 Neuland FineOne® Sketch in black

Set No. 7 Tones of grey:
1 Neuland FineOne® Art brush nib in 5 different shades of grey (104, 105, 106, 107, 108)

Set No. 19 Sketch+Shade:
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 mm and FineOne Art brush nib, 108 grey

Set No. 22 Pastel:
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Art brush nib in the colors 108 grey, pastel blue, pastel green, pastel yellow, pastel violet

Set No. 23 Bold Colors:
1 each of Neuland FineOne® Sketch 0.5 mm in five bold colors: light green, ocean, violet, blackberry, red orange

Technical specifications:
5 Neuland FineOne® in the practical RefillBox.
Housing and cover made of PP, housing colors vary depending on the set
Odorless, water-based ink, easy and environmentally friendly refillable
Nibs vary depending on the version.