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Novario® Markerbox Flat

Closable marker box for your Neuland markers.


The Novario® box was designed to store markers horizontally and transport them comfortably. Thanks to the folding lid, the box turns into a convenient marker dispenser when it is open. The compartment divider in the middle provides additional stability. (Sold without markers!)
The box offers space for alternatively 8 Neuland BigOne® or 18 Neuland TwinOne® or 12 Neuland No.One® or 24 Neuland FineOne® or 8 Neuland ChalkOne® M – or 4 Neuland ChalkOne® L – or 36 Neuland AcrylicOne S – or 20 Neuland AcrylicOne M – or 4 Neuland AcrylicOne L
Technical details Made from black cardboard, with two compartments and a red elastic band fastener Dimensions: W 12 x H 17,5 x D 5 cm / W 4.7 H 6.9 D 2 inches
The Novario® System is protected under the Utility Patent Law: DGM 20 2006 006 738.8.

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Weight 0.096 kg