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Refill Ink RefillOne, 4 Colour set S

Assorted 4 Neuland Ink RefillOne set includes 1 each of black, red, blue and green.


It only takes seconds to refill the water-based nontoxic ink that won't bleed through your paper. Using the ink refills ensures you make your markers go the distance!
One 45ml bottle will refill the following:   - Neuland No.One®: up to 22 times  - Neuland BigOne®: up to 11 times - Neuland FineOne®: up to 45 times - Neuland TwinOne®: up to 30 times
Saving money and being green, together through our ingenious refillable system.
Colour Set 1: 1 black (100), 1 red (200), 1 blue (300), 1 green (400)
Technical details:  1 bottle with measurement and injection unit, 45ml, water-based ink

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