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Refill Ink RefillOne Estatics, P100 black

Refill bottle with 45 ml alcohol based ink for Neuland No.One® Estatics, Neuland FineOne® Estatics and SlickyOne.


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45 ml alcohol-based black permanent ink (P100) for quick and easy filling of the Neuland No.One® Estatics, Neuland FineOne® Estatics or SlickyOne.

Note: New name – same content. Refill ink Item No. 8063.0100 RefillOne SlickyOne is no longer available. Please order this ink to refill your SlickyOnes.

With a refill bottle you can refill your markers this often:
Neuland No.One® Estatics or SlickyOne, wedge nib, 2-6 mm: up to 22 times
Neuland FineOne® Estatics or SlickyOne, round nib, 1 mm: up to 45 times

Technical details:
Bottle (PE) with 45 ml ink incl. refill unit and instructions
Colour: P100 black