Refill Ink RefillOne, Whiteboard, Single Colours

RefillOne bottle with 45ml ink on alcohol base. For our Neuland NoOne® WhiteboardMarker.


It only takes seconds to refill the unique and simple to use whiteboard ink and it will save you money by refilling the Neuland No.One® Whiteboard 22 times and the Neuland FineOne® Whiteboard 45 times.
Using the ink refills ensures you make your markers go the distance!
Our impressive colour range offers you the WhiteboardMarker Ink in 13 gorgeous colours.
Pro Tip:  dry erase ink is designed to erase when dry; wait for ink to full dry before erasing to avoid ghosting, dying or streaking.
Technical details:   1 bottle with measurement and injection unit, 45ml, alcohol-based ink, dry-erasable
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