RefillBox for Neuland TwinOne®

The refill stations help you organize the refilling process of your markers.


These handy and affordable RefillBoxes for No.One, BigOne, TwinOne and FineOne serve to park your markers on the table during refilling while the cap is off (which is essential to allow the air to escape during refilling). Holds up to 5 Neuland No.One® / BigOne® / TwinOne® and Neuland FineOne® markers. It is delivered flat and assembles in seconds.
A refill instruction for Neuland markers is included in the supply and on Markerpedia .
Technical details:
Material: Cardboard natural brown
RefillBox for Neuland No.One® markers Dimensions: W 13.3 x D 5.9 x H 4.6 cm (W 5.2 x D 2.3 x H 1.8 inches) RefillBox for Neuland BigOne® markers Dimensions: W 15.3 x D 8.0 x H 6.1 cm (W 6.0 x D 3.1 x H 2.4 inches) RefillBox for Neuland TwinOne® markers Dimensions: W 14.2 x D 4.6 x H 4.7 cm (W 5.6 x D 1.8 x H 1.9 inches) RefillBox for Neuland FineOne® markers - 5/set Dimensions: W 15.1 x D 4.4 x H 3.5 cm (W 5.9 x D 1.7 x H 1.4 inches) RefillBox for Neuland FineOne® markers - 15/set Dimensions: W 15.2 x D 4.6 x H 7.1 cm (W 6.0 x D 1.8 x H 2.8 inches)