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RefillOne Ink, Outliner, permanent

Black permanent water-based refill ink 010 for all Neuland Outliner markers.


The Neuland Outliner is the only Neuland marker with permanent ink, meaning that its drawn contours will not get blurred when coloured with 'water-based' markers. The 45ml refill bottle allows you to comfortably refill the outliner using the refill opening on the rear end of the marker. Be sure to follow the relevant refill instructions.
One 45ml bottle will refill the following:

Neuland No.One®: up to 22 times
Neuland BigOne®: up to 11 times
Neuland FineOne®: up to 45 times
Neuland TwinOne®: up to 30 times

Important: Please make sure to thoroughly rinse the pipette with clear water after refilling your outliners. The needle and ball should then be free from ink.
Technical details:   Colour: 010 Outliner (black) 1 bottle with measurement and injection unit, 45ml, water-based permanent ink

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