Roll-off device V3 / V3 XL

Special roll-off-device to use on the right/left side of your GraphicWall V3/V3XL. Works with paper rolls between 120 and 121.92 cm (4 Foot) – Please choose the version you want!


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The roll-off device can be attached on the right/left side of the GraphicWall V3 or V3 XL, making the handling of the continuous paper feasible. A straight and wrinkle-free mounting is possible (even when setting it up alone) and the use of paper is easier to calculate and much more economical. The paper support rail is very convenient to use as a tear-off. The roll-off device comes with a long handle screw. When delivered, the device is adjusted to fit the 120cm Neuland Paperroll V3/V3 XL. With a little adjustment 4-Foot paper rolls can be used.
Tip: The LW-X TripodBag is suitable for transporting the roll-off device.
Technical details:
Material: Steel
Color: RAL 9300 signal white
Dimensions: L 127 x B 13,6 x H 12,5 cm / L 50 x W 5.4 x H 5 inches
Weight: 3,5 kg / 7.7 lbs
(Delivery without paper)

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