Small steel sheets, self-adhesive, for magnets

Self-adhesive steel sheets for attaching magnets to non-magnetic surfaces.


Item information

The small steel sheets are ideal to attach and align long paper to the GraphicWall V3 or V3 XL. The paper is easier to handle with magnets instead of needles and the hard foam board is spared.

We recommend the 8-pack for the GraphicWall V3 and the 12-pack for the V3 XL.

Please note that due to the strong adhesive force after installation, residue-free removal is no longer possible or the panel surface can be damaged.

Technical details:

Magnetised, self-adhesive, dark brown
Dimensions: 68,2 x 2,8 x 0,1 cm / 26.9 x 1.1 x 0.04 inches
Weight: 0,07 kg

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