Pinpoint Facilitation



Stick-It Cards, rectangular, 300 sheets, muted colours

300 original Neuland Rectangular Stick-It Cards with adhesive strips made of recycled paper, assorted colours: black, grey, beige, white


Use this classy set of cards in muted colors just like the rectangular cards in our classic colours for questioning, visualizing discussions, presenting substantial details and information or knowledge.

We recommend a marker with wedge nib and waterbased ink, such as our Neuland No.One® to label the rectangular cards. For special effects and labeling of black cards we suggest marker with opaque inks, like the Neuland No.One® Metallic or the Neuland AcrylicOne.

Technical details:
Material: Recycled paper with a weight of 130 g/m² with adhesive strips on the back.
Sorting: 300 cards/set, each colour (beige, white, grey, black) 75 pieces
Dimensions: 9,5 x 20,5cm / 3.7 x 8.1 inches