Pinpoint Facilitation



TableTop FlipChart: grey alu/black foam board

Exclusive TableTop FlipChart and pinboard. One side can be used as flipchart, the other as mini pinboard. Perfect for online trainings and webinars.


The TableTop is the ideal combination of a professional tabletop flipchart and a mini pinboard. You'll score points right at the start of your online training, webinar, or presentation with this flipchart! The adjustable built-in paper holder makes it a snap to insert the mini flipchart paper. Moreover, it’s the ideal format for working at a table and using a webcam. This lets you combine digital formats with professional, analog tools. Additional features such as the paper tearing strip and note holder are also integrated features just like you know it from the full-sized Neuland flipcharts. The TableTop turns from a flipchart to a miniature pinboard in seconds simply by swinging the stand over. It’s the perfect blend of flexible lightness and stable, steady implementation.

Technical details:
Tabletop FlipChart with aluminum frame, powder-coated in RAL 9007, grey aluminum, Neuland paper holder and steel stand, powder-coated, swiveling
Black foam board.
Transport size: W 52.5 x H 75 x D 4.5 cm / W 20.7 x H 29.5 x D 1.8 inches
Weight: 3.6 kg / 7.9 lbs