Thinking with Hands®, User Kit

The user’s box with plenty of material for up to 2 days’ participation in a Thinking with Hands® creative workshop.


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Re-closable box with carry handle and comprehensive range of creative materials.

Trusting in the hands promotes the potential for creativity and new ways of looking at performance requirements. Creative inspiration generates astounding results, overcomes hidden barriers and psychological inhibitions.

By working with their hands those, who hitherto were merely "listeners", become active participants. By applying creative methods in the workshop procedure, old moulds are broken and new paths explored. The potential of each participant for innovation is released in a relaxed way, generating visible, really tangible results. In this way the participant largely identifies with the result achieved.

One kit per participant is required. Each participant starts with the same basic materials.

You want to know about the method?

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Technical details:
Dimensions: W 46 x D 15 x H 28 cm
Weight: 1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs

Scope of delivery:
1 participant box with carry handle
1 pencil
1 modelling clay 10 colours
1 mySketchbook Neuland
6 Creative Business sheets
1 Pack craft sticks assorted colours
4 chenille wire diameter 9 mm (pipe cleaners) 1 each of red/blue/ green/yellow
1 coloured art paper block A4 – 10 sheets assorted colours
6 polystyrene beads white, 3 each of diameter 40/60 mm
2 plastic balls, two-section, transparent, diameter 50 mm
1 modelling board
1 pack pompoms 100 items assorted colours
1 information flyer