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VarioOne® Panel-Set 1

The concept of interchangeable panels of the VarioOne® makes this accommodating customizable case the perfect fit for your ever-changing workshop needs.


The brilliant etui for those who consider markers and paper as their vital working tools. The innovative VarioOne® is meant to store up to four Velcro panels with loops to secure the markers. These panels are available for the Neuland No.One® and TwinOne, BigOne, as well as FineOne. For additional workshop material such as pastel chalk or masking tape, the accessory panel offers extra space. Each panel can be removed and placed on the convenient shoulder strap. This way, your favorite markers will be always ready at hand. In the zip pocket on the back, you can store the ShoulderStrap Panel, a small notepad, your phone and more ...
You can customize your VarioOne® according to your needs: without panels: because you already have panels or prefer to order them separately with Panel-Set 1: 1 each for Neuland FineOne® markers, Neuland No.One® / TwinOne, Neuland BigOne® and workshop material or with Panel-Set 2: 2 each for Neuland No.One® / TwinOne markers and Neuland BigOne®
Technical details: Material: Nylon 1680d, black Dimensions: W 35 x H 26 x D 9 cm / W 10 x H 13.8 D 3.5 inches Padded side bag (approx. 24 x 28 cm / 9.4 x 11 inches) with three-sided zipper with two sliders
Content: VarioOne® case with zipper, a case strap and a VarioOne® ShoulderStrap Panel, either without panels, with Panel-Set 1 or Panel-Set 2 (Delivery without markers)

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Weight 1.380 kg