WorkshopEtui: Stick-It

The WorkshopEtui Stick-It for moderated discussions.


What to do when a team meeting doesn´t go smoothly, or finding common ground seems to be impossible? We suggest taking out the user-friendly “emergency kit” – the WorkshopEtui, to help shake up your meeting and get everyone fully engaged and excited. Wonderfully compact and filled with enough essential materials for up to 10 participants. The contained workshop cards are self-adhesive with the Stick-It Version!
Technical details: Material: polyester 600d, black, inside divided into four compartments by removable partitions fastened by velcro.  Weight: 2,3 kg Dimensions: W 36 x D 28 x H 8 cm / W 14 x D 11 x H 3 inches

Additional information

Weight2.380 kg