The 4 Most Important Reasons To Use Meeting Facilitation In Your Business

Facilitation is far more than standing in front of a team of people and tracking their ideas and suggestions on a white board. Meeting facilitation aims to make objectives and aims as clear as possible, draw out ideas from participants, include everyone in the discussion and help to strategise and formulate a plan to reach those objectives.

It is an integral part of holding a successful meeting and in this article we are going to highlight and explain the four most important reasons to use Pinpoint Facilitation within your business.

To actively involve all members of the group

There will always be less assertive and confident participants than others, who may find it harder or more daunting to express their ideas or opinions. Through a wide variety of tools and processes to express and track ideas e.g. allowing participants to write ideas down on sticky notes as well as vocalise them, it should improve participant involvement as you are letting them contribute in their own preferred way.

To maximise individuals’ engagement & commitment 

Using a range of processes and tools will encourage engagement with the task or topic at hand. The variety of visual, written, vocal and graphic materials will keep participants from losing concentration and interest. This should result in strengthened and increased commitment to the cause, as participants will feel their voice has been heard, accounted for and included in the action place.

To achieve a consensus 

By ensuring that all participants have engaged and involved themselves in their preferred way firstly means that all voices have been considered. The next step is holding a fair and even discussion around these ideas, allowing all opinions to be included in a productive way. The facilitator will ensure that no one dominates the discussion and will act as a mediator if the tone or atmosphere becomes negative or too critical. Ultimately, the outcome will be reached through a calm and coherent discussion, when there is a clear majority in favour of one decision.

To formulate real plans that really happen 

Through detailed discussion and thorough action plans, a meeting that utilises facilitation ensures that everyone in the group clearly understands the aims, the desired outcomes and their specific role in reaching them. This means that participants can begin working to achieve the outcomes as soon as the meeting ends and a decision has been made. This vision and sense of team spirit and morale will motivate participants to fulfil their specific role.