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The NHS continue to get bogged down with pay demands
Written on 09/08/2023
My last post included thoughts about self-directed teams as opposed to top-down directives. Since then nothing has changed.

The NHS continue to get bogged down with pay demands – yes they need to sort this out but if the doctors, nurses and support staff were encouraged to manage themselves, then the pay issue would lessen. NHS staff are not in it for the money. They do, of course, need full recognition and a decent pay. The organisation is massive – how on earth can people in top positions possibly know what is best on the coal face? We facilitators have a mantra – TRUST THE GROUP.

Why can’t dedicated, professional people be allowed to organise and manage themselves within necessary legal, safety and strategic boundaries?

A further example of executive decisions that don’t make sense is OFSTED. The worry, extra work and tension created by an impending inspection is palpable. Ofsted say that there is no reason for schools (I am not informed of reactions by other educational providers) to do anything but that which is normal, day to day activity. The message in response to my proposal was:

“It is worth bearing in mind that schools (or other providers) don’t need to do anything to prepare for Ofsted inspections. The idea is that we should see a school how it operates on a day to day basis. If a school is providing a good education for its pupils, then the inspection will take care of itself. Further, we are clear in our inspection handbook that we don’t expect schools to provide evidence in any specific format, or to prepare specific documentation for Ofsted. Finally, we are also clear we don’t want schools to do additional work, or ask pupils to do different work because of an inspection.”

How sad. If inspections are to be valuable over and above ensuring they are performing to the required standard, surely have to achieve aims other than a single word: Outstanding; Good; Requires Improvement; Inadequate. What about a bit of motivation? A bit of input from parents? A bit of input from governors? A bit of input from teachers and heads?

To get real benefit from an inspection an effectively facilitated session (not sitting around a table talking – which would be a recipe for disaster) would produce an effective strategy for improvement in all areas. A fully trained Pinpointer would achieve this in half a day in a moderated event.

Final comment. If the reasons for the tragic death of Ruth Perry are to be acknowledged –
we have to make changes!