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What can the over 70’s do to help the war against Covid 19?
Written on 30/03/2020
What’s on the box every single day does not seem enough!

Stay at home. Let others risk themselves to deliver food and medicines. Stand on the doorstep and clap the brilliant NHS staff, emergency services, utility workers and so on.

So what can this 73 year old codger Pinpointer-in-Chief do? Certainly I can’t help right now with your meetings and training as we don’t operate online and the Pinpoint process does not lend itself to it.

Learning and maintaining excellence in facilitation takes repetition, practice, effort and a desire to be better and then better still. None of us will sit back and just wait for the crisis to be over.

It is my intention to be there to provide you all with options and the tools to help to develop your skills (albeit without a group to work around you), try out new methods of writing (cards or flip charts), drawing (whether you think you can or can not!) and suggest books that can help (not ones that just re-present old stuff under a new label.)

The first “Learning” Blog is written and will be published on Monday 6th – LinkedIn, FaceBook and Twitter will link to our Blog Pages. This one is very basic drawing skills – everybody yes EVERYBODY, will be able to copy an image of a backpacker climbing a hill.

This piece will include: “We have a list of brilliant graphic trainers and recorders right across the U.K. Call us for the contact details of your nearest one.” Whilst there are some of you I would like to name individually I am sure you realise I can’t.

However, if any of you, brilliant ones mentioned above can think of some follow-up ideas that I could publish I will, of course, promote and publish with full recognition.

For those of you who feel you can’t draw or think that your drawing is inadequate – just wait for Monday!