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About Pinpoint

Our two prime objectives at Pinpoint are:

1)How to Plan, Prepare, Run and Follow up a Pinpointed Event

which would normally be a meeting, conference, focus group or training session.

To help you with specific areas, we run our sessions with particular topics as a vehicle for the training.  Whilst the basics of Pinpoint Technique remain the same, these specific topics ensure practical application.

Open courses are run three or four times a year. In-house, fully tailored trainings are held as and when you, our customers, require.

2) Promote and sell Neuland products.

Neuland manufacture the highest quality facilitation equipment as well as a full range of graphic tools.

An example of the unique qualities of Neuland would be the NoOne® Pen and the BigOne® Pen which are water based (therefore no smell) with a nibs that can be replaced. Click here to shop for these now.

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