How To Beat The January Blues In Your Office

New Year Resolutions

At Pinpoint, we don’t believe in January blues because we’ve got the perfect remedy to inject some positivity in the office & boost morale on those miserable January days.

1. New year resolution support

Supporting your employees is important all year round, but especially in January. It’s likely they’ll each have their own personal resolutions to stick by, but also perhaps more long-term goals, related to their career.

Their resolutions might be to eat healthier, in which case why not provide fresh fruit every couple of days instead of the normal biscuits and chocolate? If somebody’s vowed they are going to get fit or run a marathon, be slightly more flexible with their lunch breaks on two days a week to give them time to train?

In the first week back, why not hold a short five-minute meeting with each individual member of staff? Express that it’s optional but advised, as you’d like 2017 to be the year you support your employees better.

2. Encourage breaks away from their desk

It’s a simple fact; some people like sitting at their desk for lunch and some people think they do. We wouldn’t advise dictating how your employees should spend their lunch, for example, on the sofas or at the table with other employees. However, you can gently encourage it!

Discourage working late during the month of January – the days feel short enough as it is and there are numerous studies that show productivity decreases as working hour’s increase. Long hours combined with low January moods spells disaster for your teams overall productivity.

3. Organise a staff day or night out

Why not give your staff something to look forward to? If a lot of people are taking part in Dry January, perhaps a night on the town isn’t the best idea!

There are lots of other options – you could do a vote, or leave up to your employees to decide between them. A room escape evening, go-karting or even just a nice team meal are all fun ways of getting the team together and giving the office something to look forward to!

4. Celebrate your employees achievements properly

Finally sealed the deal with a major company? Hit your monthly targets before the month’s out? Whatever it is, make sure you give your employees the credit they deserve. Crack open the champers, organise a spontaneous night out or take the whole team for dinner!

5. Freshen up the look of the office

Brighten it, lighten it and why not add some plants? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, past studies have shown that an office devoid of visual stimulation is “the most toxic space” you can put a human into! Tired, worn-out walls generate tired, worn-out employees – something you’ll want to avoid.

So, by implementing these simple but highly effective tips, your office will have moved past the January blues in no time! The post-Christmas coma will be a thing of the past & your employees will feel more focused and supported, ultimately ensuring that the working week is more enjoyable for everyone.