Office Christmas Party: Last Minute Ideas

christmas party

It’s the end of November and it’s suddenly dawned on you that you haven’t organised a work Christmas party. You enter panic mode and begin calling all possible options, realising that most companies organised theirs over summer! Don’t worry too much, you can still plan a night that everyone will enjoy with the time left before the Christmas break.

Here are our top tips and ideas on throwing a Christmas party to remember!

1. Book an activity day out

This is a great idea if you really have left it to the last minute and all the evening parties are booked up. Try something like tree trekking or Segway’s and then treat everyone to a country pub lunch and a few drinks. Not only will everyone have some great fun together, these can also be great team-building exercises that will transfer into the office.

2. A thoughtful gift and a small get-together

Perfect for smaller businesses because this party isn’t going to cost a bomb… Book an afternoon out of everyone’s diary and gift your employee’s with a small but thoughtful present. You could then get in some lunch and just let everyone chat, eat, drink and of course, be merry! People have lots of engagements around Christmas so they’ll be grateful that this is being done in office hours.

3. Do something Christmassy

Lots of cities have a Christmas market and/or outdoor ice-skating so why not make the most of it? This is a great alternative to the traditional sit-down meal and a few drinks. Let everyone have a wander round the Christmas market then head over to the ice rink, you could then treat everyone to a glass of mulled wine and something to eat.

4. There’s nothing better than a Christmas movie

Christmas doesn’t start until you’ve watched your first festive film, so treat the office to a screening of their favourite film (this could be decided by a vote). Many cinemas offer private screenings so this is great for larger organisations or for smaller teams take them along to the local cinema armed with festive treats and popcorn.

5. Twilight Spa

Perhaps you know your team have had a particularly stressful year and definitely deserve some down time? Treat them to a twilight session at your local spa – many places offer a dinner and spa package with use of all of the facilities. When only dressing gowns and slippers are the dress code, they’ll thank you for organising a night that doesn’t mean they have to buy a new outfit!

6. Who says you need to go out?

Finally, organising a Christmas party in the comfort of the office works really well for some offices. A scattering of fairy lights, tinsel and crackers will induce festive cheer! This could be done on any budget and with any size office. Dim the lights, lay a delicious buffet, ensure there are enough drinks and make sure that someone is in charge of the music. You can organise Christmas games, entertainment and perhaps even a secret Santa!

We hope this has given you some inspiration to create a Christmas party that everyone will remember even when time is of the essence. It’s never too late to throw something together and we think everyone will appreciate and personal touches!